Types of online casino

Types of online casino

The games of gambling fascinate mankind since long. In the recent past the chance games used to be played in the casino houses which were mostly available in the tourist destinations. The casino houses which are called brick and mortar casinos after the onslaught of gclub sites were housed in star hotels along with dancing and dining facilities. Naturally these were availed by the moneyed people and were beyond the capacity of the ordinary middle class. Mostly the tourists who used to holiday in the tourist destinations liked to play the adventurous games of chances as a pass time. But some 20 years back the concept of playing the game online using the internet facility came to the mind of one seasoned gambling player. He was the pioneer in starting the casino online sites which later on became extremely popular.

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The online casino sites are broadly of three types namely web based casino sites, download based casino sites and live casino sites. In the case of web based casino sites the players are allowed to play directly in the interface of the casino sites. This mode of playing the online casino games are not so satisfactory for the players who want speed and adventure because the games in such mode happen to be slow. The other disadvantage of this mode is the threat of virus attack as your computer gets directly connected to the internet. This is a vital threat to your computer which may disable your computer software as well as hardware hindering you from doing your office jobs. You may lose business by failing to meet your deadline. So you may not like to be bogged down such in exchange of playing some adventurous games of gambling. If you decide to play in this web based version then make sure to load a good and reliable antivirus and go on updating the antivirus as and when it is due. The computer viruses in the web are also very intelligent and go on updating themselves so as to cheat the existing antivirus similar to the physical viruses overpowering the antibiotics requiring innovation of newer ones.

In the download based casino sites you are allowed to download the software provided by the casino sites and play at your home computer. This mode gets you a fast speed and pleasure of playing the games of gambling.

The third variety is the live casino sites where you play directly in the sites of the gclub.

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